Friday, June 17, 2011

Homeschool Field Day

We are involved with a homeschool group that provides us all with tons of opportunities to make friends, take trips together, participate in classes (if that's your 'thing'), and have a whole lot of fun. This week we hosted 'field day' for the kids. I think it was a total success.

races of all kinds

card games

good, old fashioned sack races

child-organized kickball game

this game took place in the pouring rain

There were big kids, little kids, moms & dads, and old friends. I never heard mention of the fact that it was pouring, not even from the littlest. What a hearty bunch! There was homemade food, salads of every kind, chips, dips, salsas (plural!) and lots of yummy confections. There was no sign up sheet, no one was told what to bring - it all just came together the way it was meant to be.


  1. Good to see so many familiar NJ faces again!!

  2. it was indeed a great time! thank you for the photos!

  3. Always nice to see other homeschoolers with 'just' boys :)). Following you now :)