Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas and Then Some

Christmas was nice, really nice. Not too many places to run off too and visits with both friends and family.

Christmas Tree decorating

A sword fight with Pop-pop

Luminary-enhanced caroling in the park - complete with a visit from Santa

Confirmation of Santa's visit

The excitement of opening gifts

Playing with new toys

Lots to learn about throwing knives

Enjoying yet another car book

Keva Planks - a huge hit with everyone

That mandatory photo op

drinking from the good china
There has been some bowling and ice skating and tons of movies. But now, Sean is very sick and I am pretty sick. It seems like the flu. I hope for a quick recovery and worry about who's next - and I hope what's in this pot can cure what ails us.

I fear that whatever this is will ruin New Year's Eve and that really stinks because I LOVE New Year's Eve!


  1. Hope you feel better!!! See you soon!

  2. One of ours has had the flue, and a couple of us just not feeling good. Hoping your New Year is bug-free!!