Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 lb. 13 oz.

That's how much Sean weighed the day we brought him home. People kept asking me if I was afraid that he was so tiny & fragile. I wasn't. He ate well, slept great, and did everything he was supposed to - just on teeny, tiny scale. He pretty much looked like this for the first two months. Then he became a 'newborn' and no longer seemed like a 'preemie'. That is the nice way to put it - I called it 'fetal monkey' stage - and I still thought he was cute. We went about the business of figuring out how to manage 4 boys and fit this infant into our lives. No problem - Sean fit perfectly into place and he has been a complete pleasure and joy to all of us.

He is the gift I didn't know we were waiting for.

Happy Birthday, 2 year-old!


  1. Happy Birthday Sean !

  2. He was the gift the whole family needed. I can't even imagine what life was like without the baber.......he will live a blessed life loved by his brothers and cousins. -Fiona