Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday recap

So it started with Christmas Eve. There was only one parental meltdown and one child meltdown - not bad Costello's!! We will leave names out.

"Just Dance" was performed with a friend early in the evening.

Ethan DeeJayed some awesome musical mayhem - if you consider John Denver to be awesome.

Cookies were set out for dinner. No seriously, I would never just give them that. I gave them a block of cheese and crackers in the car, too. Gavin and I visited a local church for a Christmas service, lots of classic songs and a good children's performance. We went home to pick up the rest of the clan to go in search of a stable we had heard about - hey! Where have I heard that before? This is a dromedary camel - very cool - you can read about him here.

Then we took this picture...

And sent them all to bed.

FYI: Dennis did not condone the skull and cross bones Santa on the PJs.

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  1. Rocking it out to John Denver, cookies for supper and skull and cross bone Santa pajamas - a picture perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas Eve! Love it!!