Christmas Greeting

I am so glad you joined us here at my little corner on the world wide web. It's the place I chronicle some of things that go on around here, the good the bad and the truly mundane.

Every year, at this time, for the past 11 years I have expressed how grateful I am that Dennis is employed by Prudential Financial. He works for and with great people and derives great satisfaction from staying on top of the latest and greatest technologies - whether for work or pleasure. He continues to play ice hockey and continues to get bruised and bandaged - I think he likes it that way. 

In his 'spare time' he has taken on the role of not only Den Leader for Mikey's scout den, but also as Cub Master - does it sound scary? It is. He also serves as coach for two Greenbrook Hockey Club teams and as a board member. Do you think Dennis has the same number of hours in a day as we do?

I have a strange job that requires that I climb to the top of mountains (of laundry), dive into the deep (sink), travel to exciting destinations (bank, library, circus arts school, craft store, pet shop, target), engage in endless debate (with young boys), and interact with a large staff of (doctors, therapists, teachers of varying classes) professionals. I can shift my attention every 7 seconds, have the ability to tune out all sound when needed and am taking a course called 'The Patience of a Saint' - I am not passing, by the way. 

I enjoy day trips with the boys, being involved in the local homeschool community, participating in a parent group for parents of children with Down syndrome, reading (especially since I get to do it 10 minutes at a time), baking, staying involved at Ethan's school, and making dinner (kidding!!!)

My favorite summer activity is beach-going with the boys. We did not go enough this summer and as you probably know our beloved shoreline has been ravaged by Super Storm Sandy. It is so sad for so many who lost so much.

Ethan loves school! He does not subscribe to his brothers' bohemian-type lifestyle. He wants the bus to come and whisk him out of our unpredictable, different-every-day kind of life. Ethan loves to bowl and participates in a league. He does lots of after school activities with Midland and Somerset County Recreation. He received the privilege of carrying the torch for Somerset County Special Olympics this year. He is known around here for his prolific coloring and extraordinary decibel level.

Gavin is an active Boy Scout and has developed an incessant juggling habit. He tackled sleep away camp this year, several hikes and a 15 mile bike ride. He loves roller hockey. I am convinced Gavin can teach himself anything by watching youtube!

Mikey loves roller hockey and circus arts school. He is also in scouts as a Webelo. Mikey makes a friend everywhere we go, even if it's just standing in line somewhere! 

Sean is kind of like the mascot of Team Costello, although he thinks he is more like the captain of the team. He never runs out of energy and we never tire of his antics. 

We were blessed to be able to take two trips this year - a short one to Washington, DC and a nice long one to Florida. I hope you'll take a tour around other posts on my blog to see what else we've been up to. 

I'd love to hear from so many more of you! Find us here, or on Facebook, call us or really, just stop by. I can't promise what you'll find going on here if you do, but you're very welcome. 

My prayers and thoughts are with those who are battling illness, looking for employment, rebuilding due to the the storms here on the east coast, those who have lost loved ones and any other personal situations. I hope you are finding meaningful ways to spend the holiday season. I hope that you find peace and comfort in whatever your circumstances are. Christmas is a holiday full of hope and I wish some of that for all of you. 

Many blessings to you and your family, 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
- The Costello Family

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