Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogging Catch Up

I have gotten tons of emails from faithful readers saying, "Janet, what have you been doing, what are you up to, we hang on your every word!" (that *never* happened)

My camera quit working on me for no good reason (sprayed with sunscreen, dropped countless times, used by a two year old, left out in extreme heat) and so I had to use my handy-dandy, VIP warranty from Best Buy (does Dennis know me or what?) - and they provided me with a brand-new camera, as per our $44.99 agreement - Yeah! But for this post you will have to tolerate pictures taken with my Hipstamatic app.

We've been doing this....
and this...
Washington Rock State Park

and this...
Kid Junction - Sean had never been in a 'kiddie' place, because there are always two or three "too big" brothers with us. He said, "Ma, I no can belief this place!"
and this....
Ringing Rocks State Park, Upper Black Eddy, PA - featured in Roadside America
We participated in our homeschool clan's Annual Stone Soup Celebration. It is always a day that makes me happy to be a homeschooler!

We also did this. 
This was an impromptu Pokemon game we were generously invited to on one rainy afternoon.
There's been a snowstorm, a blackout and a halloween party held during the blackout. Nope, I didn't have my camera for those. So, are we all caught up, Blog?

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