Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A snow day

The title sounds so quaint and now I'd like to follow it up with some pictures of cute kids sledding and stories of snow frocklicking and drinking hot chocolate. Not today. The day was filled with some squabbling and errand-running and nothing much fun, followed by the a huge mess of a house. Not kids-giggling-super-fun-fort-building type of mess, but the ugly who-put-that-there-move-your-boots-seriously-boyz type of mess.

Then we did go sledding. On the second run down the hill, Ethan plowed into the baby at the bottom. When I plucked him out of the snow, he was crying and bloodied. Then Ethan decided he was done sledding, then I decided I wasn't having fun.

Hopefully, my mother and mother-in-law aren't reading don't forward it to them. Then I am going to get the what-the-heck-did-you-do-to-my-grandson phone calls. Ethan is coughing, the Wii is stuck on (and playing annoying music), laundry is piled up, the dishwasher is broken, I'm cold and this is what the living room looks like.

No roaring fire or cute kids in jammies - just this. I guess everyday can't be fun. Phooey!


  1. Mom's need to be mom's in the real world, too. Don't be discouraged!

  2. Thanks for coming over and visiting my own boy madness! I know that living room! I could pretty much use the same description of my blog as you did, love it!